Why Renthouse

Why you should use Renthouse’s service of property management in Israel?

1. We treat every property as it was ours.
2. Proven experience of 8 years in real estate. This experience allows us to filter properly good tenants for the property.
3. Good knowing and understanding of the Israeli real estate market.
4. Honest and fast service. reliable and courteous with complete transparency.
5.Strict performance criteria in finding suitable tenants and testing of the prospective tenant.
6. Advertising the property on various internet sites, filtering and detecting good tenants for you.
7.Showing the property to qualified tenants to get the maximum rent. Appropriate tenant will be approved by the owner.
8. Accompanying the signing of a contract (if you want the intervention of Attorney there is an extra charge) and handling all legal issue (for a fee) over the rental period.
9.Treatment in terms of property maintenance throughout the entire period of the contract with us.
10.Basic repairs with the firm’s personnel and operating professionals pay if necessary during your update.
11.The assistance of lawyers in legal services (for a fee) of any kind over the rental period.
12.Ensuring that all applicable fees are paid by the tenants (municipal electricity, gas, water, etc.)
13. Periodical visits and video documentation of the property from time to time during the lease period.

Contact us

Yochai Rokach, Tel: +972-54-2268355 

Mail: contact@renthouse.co.il

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