property management service


Who can use the property management service

If you are traveling overseas for work (relocation) or for study and you have an apartment or a house in Israel.

If you own multiple apartments or houses in Israel and their management became too difficult for you.

 If you inherited an apartment / house / a number of apartments or residential building along with other heirs and successors dispute between Israel about property management

If you or your parents move to sheltered housing and want to continue to receive rent on property in Israel vacated without dealing with tenants.

If you have an apartment for rent in the Sharon region or center in Israel but you live overseas and Tired ask friends or relatives to travel to appropriate any problems that may arise.

– If you are a successful and busy career person and you are tired of hearing from the tenants “There’s a clogged bathtub…”

– If you are living abroad or traveling abroad frequently and has no one to care for your properties while your absent. 

– If you are the owner of an apartment for investment in Israel who wants to transfer concerns, harassment, involvement and headache to someone else.

– If you are busy with other things and do not have time to take care of managing your property in Israel.

– If you have an empty apartment available in Israel and you want it to remain so, but it is important for you have someone to take care of it from time to time.

– If you own one apartment / number of apartments / private house / whole building in Israel. 

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