property management and maintenance company in Israel

 We are committed to
 – Our agreement is not binding and each party can terminate the contract without penalty with a notice of 30 days.
– Handling any hitch will start within 24 hours (striving for the shortest time) from the report.
– Do our best to satisfy our customers.
– Protect the privacy of our customers and to not provide information to anyone.
– Act with honesty, fairness and reliability in any action related to the client’s property.
– Report with full transparency to the property owner.
property management company in Israel
Renthouse specializes in rental, management and maintenance of private properties (appartments and homes) in Israel. Renthouse will save your time and money because we will take care all about your property. We will rent your property to good tenants and we will maintaining your property as weell as we know. 
You are welcome to contact us by phone or email and learn about Renthouse management packages.
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Yochai Rokach, Tel: +972-54-2268355 
 property management and maintenance company in Israel
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