Management of rented apartments

Management of rented apartments
The Renthouse service management of rented apartments (or vacancies) in Israel offers comprehensive care for the maintenance of a residence belonging to the customer, whether if it is for private use or for business use. The professional and dedicated care of Renthouse will prevent you from the daily harassment that anyone with assets is dealing with, such as management, maintenance and rental your property.
Management of private homes
Renthouse service management for private house is meant to provide additional elements such as garden watering systems, roof and gutters, drainage,  pesticides, blinds and window exit to the garden and so on.Private home has to be dealt regularly in the garden, drainage and sewage system, roof, gutters, and other pests.
Home management and tenants by owners, when they live far away from the property in Israel, is not a simple procedure you should use in asset management.
Renthouse Property Management removes you from the headache involved in renting and managing your property in Israel and takes care of it all.

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