The steps to managing your property

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1. The process of preparing the apartment for rent and finding suitable tenants:
– Receiving and checking the property of owner of the property / old renters.
– Reading of electric meters, gas and water.
– A photographic record of the condition of the apartment and its contents (if any) prior to rental.
– Preparing property for rent (washing, identifying and correcting defects, cleaning, painting, etc.).
– Market Research areas and providing a realistic estimate of rent to the desired height.
– Advertising and marketing properties for rent in appropriate media and finding suitable tenants.  
– Presentation of the property to potential renters by skilled property managers.
– Finding suitable tenants after selection and testing and getting their final impression with the property owner.
– Obtaining the required collateral and guarantees with the tenants and their transfer to the property owner.
– The transfer of all property accounts in the name of the property tenants.
– Fill lease including all annexes required and explaining the terms of the lease to tenants.
– The collection of rents in advance and transferring it to the property owner.
– Collection of checks for paint, municipal taxes, electricity, water, gas, and housekeeping if there’s are tenant’s obligations.
– At the end of the rental period verifying the tenants leaved the property with no debts.
– And returning to the starting point. 
2. Current Service:
– Service available 6 days a week.
– Quick treatment of failures and all the property maintenance services by quality professionals.
– Treatment of any malfunction will start within 24 hours (the shortest time possible) from the report.
– Reporting to the property owner about the closure of the defect. All the property defects are registered in portfolios in the computer system.
– Conduct a complete management of the tenants.
– Dealing with the housing committee for regular updates.
– Delivery of periodic reports.
– Every six months there would be property photography, video, checking electrical systems, water, blinds, etc., and a current account checking (optional).
– Every six months we will be printing registry and verifying the registration status of rights at the Land Registry Office (option) to see who made all ​​the property rights related activities without your knowledge. 
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