?Who manage your properties in Israel

Dear property owner, when your daily to-do list is growing and you do not have free time to take care of it all, you realize you need to change the concept of handle your apartment management. If you have a property in Israel, you know that the treatment of the asset requires to find a worthy tenant and handle maintenance troubleshooting. Just as you take care of your vehicle periodically, it is necessary to also taking care of your property (whether it is empty and vacant or rented from time to time or needs to have problems and malfunctions solved).
To stop the headaches involved with managing your assets in Israel, you should let someone else take care of your apartment. Professional property management allows the owner to relax and get cash flow throughout the whole period by knowing that someone cares every problem.
Renthouse is an Israeli professional property management . Our service is flexible and adapted to the needs of the customer and we give personal, dedicated, efficient, fast, honest, transparent and professional attention.
Renthouse property management established and managed by Yochai Rokach,  resident of Sede Warburg in the Sharon, has many years of experience in high-tech and computing.
Our treatment of your property in Israel includes the preparation of rental property, find suitable tenants, collecting and transferring tenants money directly to you, regular maintenance and repairs when necessary and more. 
Renthouse specializes in managing and renting apartments and houses (occupied properties or vacant properties), management and leasing of offices and more.

Contact us

Yochai Rokach, Tel: +972-54-2268355 

Mail: contact@renthouse.co.il

Properties management in Israel. Professional property management (Tel Aviv, Raanana, Kfar-saba, Hertselia, Hod hasharon and more) for your house in Israel.


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